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effects.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  effect_struct
struct  effect_sprite
struct  effect_sprite_def
struct  effect_overlay_col
struct  effect_overlay


#define WIND_BLOW_NONE   0
#define WIND_BLOW_LEFT   1
#define WIND_BLOW_RIGHT   2
#define WIND_BLOW_RANDOM   3
#define EFFECT_SCALE_ADJUST(i, overlay)


typedef struct effect_struct effect_struct
typedef struct effect_sprite effect_sprite
typedef struct effect_sprite_def effect_sprite_def
typedef struct effect_overlay_col effect_overlay_col
typedef struct effect_overlay effect_overlay

Detailed Description

Effects header file.

Definition in file effects.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define EFFECT_SCALE_ADJUST (   i,
(i) = (overlay)->col[idx].val == -1 ? vals[idx] : (overlay)->col[idx].val; \
(i) += (int) (((double) vals[0] * (overlay)->col[idx].mod[0] + (double) vals[1] * (overlay)->col[idx].mod[1] + (double) vals[2] * (overlay)->col[idx].mod[2] + (double) vals[3] * (overlay)->col[idx].mod[3]) * (overlay)->col[idx].mod[4]); \
if ((overlay)->col[idx].rndm_max != 0) \
{ \
(i) += rndm((overlay)->col[idx].rndm_min, (overlay)->col[idx].rndm_max); \
} \
(i) = MAX(0, MIN(255, (i))); \

Macro used in effect_scale().

Definition at line 290 of file effects.h.

Typedef Documentation

Holds information about effect overlay.

One single color in the overlay configuration.

typedef struct effect_sprite effect_sprite

One sprite currently shown.

Sprite definition; holds various settings of a single sprite.

typedef struct effect_struct effect_struct

One effect definition in a linked list.