Atrinik Client  4.0
Data Fields
MapCell Struct Reference

#include <map.h>

Data Fields

char pname [NUM_REAL_LAYERS][64]
uint8_t quick_pos [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
uint8_t probe [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
uint8_t darkness [NUM_SUB_LAYERS]
uint8_t flags [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
uint8_t draw_double [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
uint8_t alpha [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
int16_t faces [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
int16_t height [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
int16_t zoom_x [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
int16_t zoom_y [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
int16_t align [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
int16_t rotate [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
uint8_t infravision [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
int32_t stretch [NUM_SUB_LAYERS]
uint32_t target_object_count [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
uint8_t target_is_friend [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
uint8_t anim_last [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
uint8_t anim_speed [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
uint8_t anim_facing [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
uint8_t anim_state [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
uint8_t anim_flags [NUM_SUB_LAYERS]
uint8_t fow
uint8_t priority [NUM_SUB_LAYERS]
uint8_t secondpass [NUM_SUB_LAYERS]
uint8_t glow_speed [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]
uint8_t glow_state [NUM_REAL_LAYERS]

Detailed Description

Map cell structure.

Definition at line 175 of file map.h.

Field Documentation

int16_t MapCell::align[NUM_REAL_LAYERS]


Definition at line 213 of file map.h.

uint8_t MapCell::alpha[NUM_REAL_LAYERS]

Alpha value.

Definition at line 198 of file map.h.

uint8_t MapCell::darkness[NUM_SUB_LAYERS]

Cell darkness.

Definition at line 189 of file map.h.

uint8_t MapCell::draw_double[NUM_REAL_LAYERS]

Double drawing.

Definition at line 195 of file map.h.

int16_t MapCell::faces[NUM_REAL_LAYERS]


Definition at line 201 of file map.h.

uint8_t MapCell::flags[NUM_REAL_LAYERS]

Object flags.

Definition at line 192 of file map.h.

uint8_t MapCell::fow

Whether Fog of War is enabled on this cell.

Definition at line 247 of file map.h.

int16_t MapCell::height[NUM_REAL_LAYERS]

Height of this maptile.

Definition at line 204 of file map.h.

uint8_t MapCell::infravision[NUM_REAL_LAYERS]

Whether to show the object in red.

Definition at line 219 of file map.h.

char MapCell::pcolor[NUM_REAL_LAYERS][COLOR_BUF]

Player name color on this cell.

Definition at line 180 of file map.h.

char MapCell::pname[NUM_REAL_LAYERS][64]

Name of player on this cell.

Definition at line 177 of file map.h.

uint8_t MapCell::probe[NUM_REAL_LAYERS]

If this is where our enemy is.

Definition at line 186 of file map.h.

uint8_t MapCell::quick_pos[NUM_REAL_LAYERS]


Definition at line 183 of file map.h.

int16_t MapCell::rotate[NUM_REAL_LAYERS]


Definition at line 216 of file map.h.

int32_t MapCell::stretch[NUM_SUB_LAYERS]

How we stretch this is really 8 char for N S E W.

Definition at line 222 of file map.h.

uint8_t MapCell::target_is_friend[NUM_REAL_LAYERS]

Whether the target is a friend.

Definition at line 232 of file map.h.

uint32_t MapCell::target_object_count[NUM_REAL_LAYERS]

Target object.

Definition at line 227 of file map.h.

int16_t MapCell::zoom_x[NUM_REAL_LAYERS]

Zoom X.

Definition at line 207 of file map.h.

int16_t MapCell::zoom_y[NUM_REAL_LAYERS]

Zoom Y.

Definition at line 210 of file map.h.

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