Atrinik Client  4.0
Data Fields
_widget_container_strip Struct Reference

#include <widget.h>

Data Fields

int inner_padding
int horizontal
int size
void * subcontainer_strip

Detailed Description

A more specialized kind of container, where widgets snap into it when inserted, and where widgets are sorted into rows and columns.

Definition at line 236 of file widget.h.

Field Documentation

int _widget_container_strip::horizontal

Have it as either a row or a column. 1 = row, 0 = column.

Definition at line 241 of file widget.h.

int _widget_container_strip::inner_padding

The space between the widgets inside in relation to each other.

Definition at line 238 of file widget.h.

int _widget_container_strip::size

Height of row or width of column.

Definition at line 244 of file widget.h.

void* _widget_container_strip::subcontainer_strip

Used for custom attributes of a strip container.

Definition at line 247 of file widget.h.

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