Atrinik Client  4.0
Data Fields
map_render_data Struct Reference

Data Fields

int16_t x
 X index in the cells array.
int16_t y
 Y index in the cells array.
int16_t midx
 X index in the cells array of the middlemost cell.
int16_t midy
 Y index in the cells array of the middlemost cell.
int32_t xpos
 X coordinate where to render.
int32_t ypos
 Y coordinate where to render.
int32_t player_height_offset
 Player height offset.
struct MapCellcell
 Cell that is being rendered.
struct MapCelltarget_cell
 Cell with the player's target.
SDL_Rect * tiles
 Floor tile coordinates and IDs. Used for debugging.
size_t tiles_num
 Number of tiles.
SDL_Rect target_rect
 Coordinate information for player's target.
uint8_t layer
 Layer to render on.
uint8_t sub_layer
 Sub-layer to render on.
uint8_t alpha_forced
 Force applying the specified alpha value.
uint8_t target_layer
 Target's layer.

Detailed Description

Structure used to pass data between the rendering loops in map_draw_map() and the actual rendering logic in draw_map_object().

Try to keep this structure aligned whenever extending it.

Definition at line 945 of file map.c.

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